Name Faculty Room Ext Email
Adler, Scott A.

Research Area/Interests:

  • Infant cognition
  • Vision
  • Developmental psychology
Psychology, HH BSB 333 33389 adler@yorku.ca


Alboiu, Gabriela

Research Area/Interests:

  • Control phenomenon
  • Argument structure
  • Structural encodings of discourse properties
Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, AP S555 Ross 20302 galboiu@yorku.ca


Allison, Robert

Research Area/Interests:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Virtual reality
  • Machine vision
  • Perception of human motion
Computer Science, SC
Center for Vision Research
Lassonde 3051 20192 allison@cse.yorku.ca


Andrews, Kristin

Research Area/Interests:

  • Comparative cognitive science
  • Animal cognition
  • Moral psychology
  • Social cognition
  • Folk psychology
Philosophy, AP Ross S420 77590 andrewsk@yorku.ca


Baljko, Melanie

Research Area/Interests:

  • Multimodal communication
  • Augmentative and alternative communication,
  • Adaptive interfaces,
  • Computational stylistics,
  • Computer-supported collaborative writing
  • Women in computer science
Computer Science, SC Lassonde 2028 33348 mb@cse.yorku.ca


Beck, Jacob

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of cognitive science
  • Mental representation
  • Nonconceptual content
  • Animal cognition
  • Conceptual learning
Philosophy, AP S439 Ross 22582 jbeck@yorku.ca


Bialystok, Ellen

Research Area/Interests:

  • Developmental-cognitive
  • General experimental
  • Second-language acquisition
  • Development of symbolic skills such as language, number and spatial cognition in preschool and school-age children.
Psychology, HH BSB 234 66109 ellenb@yorku.ca


Desrocher, Mary

Research Area/Interests:

  • Pediatric neuropsychology
  • Normative studies of memory functioning through the lifespan
  • The functioning of the hippocampus and frontal lobes in normal and altered development
Psychology, HH BSB 124 33111 mdesroch@yorku.ca
Elder, James

Research Area/Interests:

  • Visual perception
  • Psychological and computational methods
  • Neural modeling
Psychology, HH Lassonde 0003G 66475 jelder@yorku.ca


Fallah, Mazyar

Research Area/Interests:

  • Systems neuroscience
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Neurophysiology
  • Attention, perception
KINE, HH HNES 428D 21479 mfallah@yorku.ca


Goel, Vinod

Research Area/Interests:

  • Cognitive and neural basis of rational decision-making
  • Emotional processing
Psychology, HH BSB 332 66150 vgoel@yorku.ca


Gottschling, Verena

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of psychology
  • Philosophical foundations of cognitive science
Philosophy, AP S444 Ross 44722 vgott@yorku.ca


Green, Chris

Research Area/Interests:

  • History of psychology
  • Theoretical cognitive science
Psychology, HH BSB 286 66164 christo@yorku.ca


Gryz, Jarek

Research Area/Interests:

  • Maximal vector computation
  • Query sampling
  • Query optimization via data mining
  • Semantic query caching
Computer Science, SC Lassonde 3026 55053 jarek@cse.yorku.ca


Harris, Laurence

Research Area/Interests:

  • Vision
  • Vestibular system
  • Eye and head movements
  • Control systems
  • Neurophysiology
  • Perception of motion
  • Psychophysics
  • Multi-sensory interaction
Psychology, HH BSB 296 55116 harris@yorku.ca


Hattiangadi, Jagdish

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of science
  • Philosophy of language
  • History of ideas
  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
Philosophy, AP S437 Ross 77524 jagdish@yorku.ca


Hoffman, Kari L.

Research Area/Interests:

  • Neural basis of learning and memory
  • Neural oscillations, synchrony and plasticity
  • Face and object processing
  • Active vision and embodied perception


Psychology, HH Lassonde 0003F 22939 khoffman@yorku.ca
Huang, Jimmy

Research Area/Interests:

  • Information retrieval, data mining
  • Natural language processing
  • Computational linguistics
ITEC, AP TEL3048 30149 jhuang@yorku.ca


Huss, Brian

Research Area/Interests:

  • Psychology of logical reasoning
  • Doxastic voluntarism
  • Moral psychology
Philosophy, AP S414 Ross 33634 huss@yorku.ca


Jackman, Henry

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of language
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Epistemology
  • American pragmatism
Philosophy, AP S434 Ross 77595 hjackman@yorku.ca


Jenkin, Michael

Research Area/Interests:

  • Computer vision
  • Virtual reality
  • Mobile robotics
Computer Science, SC Lassonde 3032 33162 jenkin@cse.yorku.ca


Johnson, Janice M.

Research Area/Interests:

  • Developmental-cognitive
  • General experimental
  • Cognition
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive process analysis
Psychology, HH BSB 246 66214 janicej@yorku.ca
Jopling, David

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of psychology
  • Continental philosophy
Philosophy, AP S435 Ross 77588 jopling@yorku.ca
Khalidi, Muhammad Ali

Research Area/Interest

  • Philosophy of cognitive science
  • Philosophy of mind and language
  • Innateness, domain specificity, concepts
Philosophy, AP S438 Ross 77586 khalidi@yorku.ca


Lesperance, Yves

Research Area/Interests:

  • Knowledge representation
  • Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems
  • Cognitive robotics
Computer Science, SC Lassonde 3052A 70146 lesperan@cse.yorku.ca


MacDonald, Suzanne

Research Area/Interests:

  • Comparative cognition
  • Spatial cognition
  • Language and communication
Psychology, HH BSB 297 66226 suzmac@yorku.ca


Manafu, Alexandru

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Metaphysics of Science
Philosophy, AP S414A Ross 33636 alexman@yorku.ca


Mar, Raymond

Research Area/Interests:

  • Cognitive effects of narrative fiction
  • Social cognition
  • Autobiographical memory
Psychology, HH BSB 293 66226 mar@yorku.ca


Murray, Richard

Research Area/Interests:

  • Perceptual psychology
  • Visual psychophysics
  • Perceptual organization
  • Three-dimensional shape perception
Psychology, HH / Centre for Vision Research Lassonde 0009 23025 rfm@yorku.ca


Murtha, Susan

Research Area/Interests:

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Aging
  • Memory
Psychology, HH BSB 217 66132 smurtha@yorku.ca


Narayan, Chandan

Research Area/Interests:

  • Acoustic-phonetics
  • Speech Perception
  • Language acquisition
  • Psycholinguistics
DLLL, AP S546A Ross 33791 chandann@yorku.ca
Park, Norman

Research Area/Interests:

  • Cognitive and neuropsychological processes associated with perceiving and remembering
  • Attention and memory
Psychology, HH BSB 213 22159 npark@yorku.ca
Pascual-Leone, Juan

Research Area/Interests:

  • Developmental and cognitive processes


Psychology, HH BSB 402C 66148 juanpl@yorku.ca
Pelham, Judy

Research Area/Interests:

  • Logic
  • Logical truth
  • The logic of conditionals
Philosophy, AP S440 Ross 77591 pelham@yorku.ca


Rich, Jill

Research Area/Interests:

  • Clinical, semantic memory, implicit memory and prospective memory
  • Memory processing in normal aging and dementia
  • Cognitive processes
  • Neural basis of behaviour
Psychology, HH BSB 248A 30561 jbr@yorku.ca


Rini, Regina

Research Area/Interests:

  • Ethics
  • psychology
  • Moral Cognition
  • Social Epistemology
Philosophy, AP S416 Ross 30102 rarini@yorku.ca


Rosenbaum, Shayna

Research Area/Interests:

  • Clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience
  • Cognitive and neural basis of remote memory (spatial, episodic, semantic) and mental state attributions
  • Lesion and fMRI methods
Psychology, HH AC 041 20449 shaynar@yorku.ca


Russon, Anne

Research Area/Interests:

  • Comparative studies of nonhuman primates
  • Infant social and cognitive development
  • Imitation
  • Tool use
  • Social vs. ecological intelligence
  • The evolution of primate intelligence
Psychology, GL York Hall, 165 Glendon 88363 arusson@glendon.yorku.ca


Sergio, Lauren

Research Area/Interests:

  • Behavioural and electromyographic studies of multi-joint movement coordination
  • Neural mechanisms underlying visually guided reaching in parietal and precentral cortex
  • Control of voluntary movement in neurological patient populations
Psychology and Kinesiology and Health Science, HH Norman Bethune 357 33641 lsergio@yorku.ca


Shanker, Stuart

Research Area/Interests:

  • Parent-child relationships and children's development
  • Role of emotion in evolution and development of language, intelligence, social skills and empathy
  • Interaction between development of mind and brain
Psychology, HH TEL 5030E 20386 shanker@yorku.ca


Steele, Jennifer

Research Area/Interests:

  • Implicit social cognition
  • Stereotype development
  • Social perception
Psychology, HH BSB 331 22156 steeleje@yorku.ca


Verheggen, Claudine

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Wittgenstein
  • Davidson
Philosophy, AP S436 Ross 77553 cverheg@yorku.ca


Waring, Duff

Research Area/Interests:

  • Philosophy of psychiatry
  • Conceptions of mental disorder
  • Personality traits and ethical virtues in psychotherapy
Philosophy, AP S428 Ross 33522 dwaring@yorku.ca
Wilcox, Laurie

Research Area/Interests:

  • Stereoscopic Vision
  • 3D Film Technology
  • Second-order stereopsis
Psychology, HH Lassonde 0003H 66494 lwilcox@yorku.ca


Wilkinson, Frances

Research Area/Interests:

  • Migraine and the Visual System
  • Vision and Aging
  • Intermediate Level Form Perception
  • Face Perceptions
Psychology, HH Lassonde 1012D 33184 franw@yorku.ca


Wilson, Hugh

Research Area/Interests:

  • Psychophysics
  • Visual Network Models
  • Cortical Neuron Models
  • Nonlinear Dynamics in Neuroscience
Biology, SC Lassonde B002F 33140 hrwilson@yorku.ca


Wiseheart, Melody

Research Area/Interests:

  • Developmental cognitive neural science
  • Cognitive flexibility and executive function,
  • Educational applications of cognitive psychology
Psychology, HH BSB 242 33266 ncepeda@yorku.ca


Womelsdorf, Thilo

Research Area/Interests:

  • Attentional Control
  • Decision Making in prefrontal striatal systems
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Functional brain networks and synchronization
Biology, SC Lumbers 320 22468 thiwom@yorku.ca