Specialized Honours BA Program

Our interdisciplinary program in Cognitive Science offers you a challenging opportunity to study the mind and its processes from multiple perspectives. In this program you can combine courses from Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, and Information Technology to gain an expansive knowledge of the cognitive processes we might find in humans, animals, and machines.

Cognitive Science majors will examine the nature of thought, emotion, perception, and language using the methodologies of the different disciplines in order to acquire a richly integrated understanding of the mind. You will have the chance to study the different ways in which infants and non-human animals may be able to think and reason without language, how computers can be programmed to demonstrate intelligence, and the nature of the relationship between social interaction and cognition.

Our faculty members are conducting research in such diverse areas as infant social cognition, virtual reality, neuropsychology of reasoning, and moral psychology. Your study will be enriched by your contact with energetic faculty, research groups, labs, and research centers that are engaged in groundbreaking work in the field of cognitive science.